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Our Mission

By working strategically and focusing on customer satisfaction, Inland Transportation Services (ITS) strives to be the best value-added logistics provider in the freight management and transportation industry. Our goal is to provide the highest level of customer fulfillment for every interaction.

Customers utilizing our asset-based logistics services will benefit from the services of our company-owned fleet, as well as gaining access to our established outside carrier network. These transportation options will provide our customers with the option to efficiently move freight.

What We Do For:


ITS maintains strategic relationships with our partner carriers. We ensure that each carrier meets the highest standards for compliance while constantly monitoring their performance.

Employees / People

The heartbeat of our company is our employees. With over 45 years of logistic experience, our team will take the time and effort to ensure they understand your freight needs and expectations, taking ownership and pride in your logistics to fully earn your trust.

“Real People, who know logistics answer our phones.”

It’s a point of pride for us to pick up the phone when you call and help you solve your problems in real-time. Our team will make themselves available and work to provide peace of mind.


Within all divisions of our company, we have always exceeded the standard when it comes to environmental responsibility and sustainable development. We are continually researching and implementing new technologies and efforts to lower our environmental impact. All while meeting industry requirements.


With deep-rooted connections in our community, we have made it a priority to support the people, groups, and families in our neighborhoods. We are always looking for ways to further strengthen this connection.

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