Our Team

Our Team

A specialized team with over 60 years of combined transportation experience to provide support for all your transportation needs.

Luke Fritz

Transportation Manager
D: 509-720-5803
E: lukefritz@inlandts.com

Julie Moore

Sr. Account Manager
D: 509-720-5828
E: juliemoore@inlandts.com

Rob Hopkins

Account Supervisor
D: 509-720-5836
E: robhopkins@inlandts.com

Janey Ward

Customer Service Rep
D: 509-720-5806
E: janeyward@inlandts.com

Debra Baker

Account Manager
D: 509-720-5855 ext 403
E: debrabaker@inlandts.com


D: 509-720-5855
E: admin@inlandts.com

Ken Locke

Logistics Sales and Fleet Development Manager
D: 509-777-3050 ext390
E: kenlocke@iepco.com

Daniel Lybbert

Fleet Supervisor
D: 509-777-3050 ext307
E: daniellybbert@iepco.com

Jess Stolworthy

Training, Safety & Driver Support
D: 509-77-3050 ext: 390
E: jessstolworthy@iepco.com

Mary Bennett

Customer Success Representative                                                                                                                                                                                             D: 509-720-5842
E: marybennett@inlandts.com

Vanessa Indelicato

Customer Service Representative                                                                                                                                                                                             D: 509-720-5855
E: vanessa@inlandts.com

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