Supply Chain Evaluation

Supply Chain Evaluation

Our goal is to provide you with supply chain management that will optimize your sustainable business growth. We believe that visibility, flexible solutions, and collaboration are key to accomplishing these goals. Utilizing technology, data analysis, and our experienced workforce, ITS can provide supply chain solutions that will allow your business to grow.

Logistic Design

Through a partnership built on communication, we can provide a logistics design that is logical, scalable, and efficient. Whether this means placing more distribution points closer to your customers, or consolidation to ensure on-time delivery, we will develop a plan to make you successful.


We can report on a variety of shipping metrics. These include shipment count, proof of delivery (POD) stats, total transit time, and overall customer satisfaction. These reporting metrics allow us to make adjustments, when needed, to improve the overall process.

Analysis - Review

ITS will complete end-to-end analysis of your current supply chain.  We will look at your production facilities and transportation routes as well as material handling needs and channels of distribution. A deep understanding of your current transportation network will allow us to serve you best.

Cost vs Proximity to Supply Chain

Whether it’s getting goods from the manufacturer to the client or from raw material to the end product, we understand supply chain processes. Using smart logistics management practices we are able to manage the cost of shipping vs proximity to a given supply chain. Through a process of analytic evaluation and experience, a supply chain plan will be provided.

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